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Te story behind the fragrance – No1

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Te story behind the fragrance – No1

One of my very first fragrance memories is the scent of ‘personified sunshine’. Couldn’t describe her in any better way. I’m talking about my wonderful, extravagant, tropical mom! She always wore (and still wears!) perfumes with Jasmin. And by doing this she taught me, without being aware of it, all the different shades of the fragrance of this beautiful flower.

Strong and soft

When you take your time to smell Jasmin, you’ll discover wonderful green notes together with honey, earth,wood, vanilla and herbs. An intoxicating mix of power and vulnerability  at the same time. Talking about moms teaching daughters something! Real strength comes from being so comfortable with yourself that you can show your soft side too…It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks of you, as long as you stay true to your soul.

Strawberries for fun

With Nugi No1 I highlighted Jasmins’ playful character and sweetness with a dose of fresh, mouthwatering strawberries for a scent that makes you smile. Lovely for in the midst of winter, after a day at the beach or to brighten up a way to serious day.

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