Summer is fading, say: hello autumn! ~ Nugi Perfumes
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Summer is fading, say: hello autumn!

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Summer is fading, say: hello autumn!

Temperature’s getting lower, little more wind, cold rains…summer is fading in the background. Time to slowly welcome autumn. I just love the in between phase of one season transforming into another. Besides the change of colors, did you already notice the change of scents outside? They are getting more wet earthy and woody.

Autumn mood

I feel that this autumn more than ever, people just need time to take a small step back,breath and find out what makes them feel good. Instead of running around chasing something, slowing your pace to let things flow to you. Using the right scents can definitely help you!

Blending tips

Following is a list with a few autumny Nugi scents to find out which one would match your personality best:

-No 8 (vetiver): if you are a person that loves to take walks outside and spending time alone

-No 9 (cedarwood): if you are more the sporty type and don’t really like sweet scents

-No 13 (babypowder):for the sunny joyful type

-No 31 (patchouli): for the more extravagant, creative type

Want more?

If have chosen ‘your’ Nugi scent you can of course use it ‘as is’. But you can also tweak it to make it even more relaxing for you or just to change your scent a little during this season. Here’s what I would do:

-No8(vetiver) combined with No9(orange) will ad besides a relaxing- also a happy feeling

-No9(cedarwood) combined with No3(lavender) will make it wonderfully crisp and clean

-No13(babypowder) combined with No22(ylang ylang) will make it sweet and sensuous

-No31(patchouli) combined with No34(rose cedar) will make it deeper and mysterious


It’s just a suggestion, because the blending possibilities are endless… More about scent in the next blog.

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