How do scents effect your mood? ~ Nugi Perfumes
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How do scents effect your mood?

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How do scents effect your mood?

What do you feel when you smell fresh brewed coffee? Or the salty scent of the sea? Or oranges,or apple pie or car tiers or lipstick or…Changes are big that some scents don’t leave you untouched.

We humans can’t help the fact that scents evoke feelings. It’s because our nose makes a direct connection to  the brains’ limbic system, a part of the brain that supports functions such as emotions,behavior,memory and motivation. Don’t you just love this? Well I do, in fact it was one of the reasons that I studied Psychology. Just love,love,love how the brain works. Anyway, I believe we all can be very happy with our ability to smell and what this can mean for us. It’s been said that 70% of how you experience something is influenced by scent. Time to consciously incorporate scents in your life and just rock it! Let me help you out with this.

Start creating your world

Now you know that scents can influence the way you feel and evoke memories, you can also use them the other way around. Let me explain. Instead of using a scent to, for instance, evoke a happy memory of a holiday in the Provence (God does it smell fantastic there!), you can also use a particular scent to create new memories and feelings. I know, you have to let this sink in a bit…time for an example.

In my last blog I wrote about Nugi No1. This scent of jasmin with strawberries teaches you to see the sunny side of life and being strong while showing your soft side. Well, let for instance say that for the following week you would like to consciously incorporate some positive vibes and strength in your daily life and feel good about yourself. You can use this scent (or something else of course, say a perfume with the scent of apple pie, anything that makes you happy) every day before you go out the door. Because you set an intention with the scent, it will remind you during the day (whenever you smell it )of your ‘plan’ for the week. You will start noticing that because of this new positive focus, more and more positivity flows towards you as you move from one day to another. Oh, life gets so much fun if you get the hang of this…After the week, you use another scent for a while (let’s say one month). Your brain will then connect this scent to a feeling of positivity. So in future, when feeling a little sad or depressed you can evoke a better feeling while using this scent. It’s as easy as that. No need to say you can practice this with lots of different scents to create many different feelings and memories.

For now, have fun!

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